Google Professional Advertising Exam Updates

If you’re studying for the Google Advertising Professional Exam, it’s a good idea to keep up with the changes and updates that Google makes in their advertising program. Google has made the following updates and as a result they have added new lessons/content to theLearningCenter. Here are some of the most recent updates made:

Ad Formats lessons Updated: In the ‘Creating Ads’ section access the ‘Setting up an Account’ to learn more about the latest ad formats (including local business ads, mobile ads and video ads). The Ad Formats content is now included on the exam and available for study in the Learning Center.

Updated AdWords Policies: Find changes to the policies and guidelines. The policies section includes Link Policy, Editorial Policy, Image Ads Policy, Trademarks, Copyrights. Google’s Invalid Clicks Policy and Identifying Invalid Clicks.

UpdatedReportCenterlesson: There are a number of new reports available. Discover the latest about the newest report types and variations when preparing for the exam. Google goes into an in-depth lesson on the report structure, how it works and the benefits of use. Reports are collections of statistics that help advertisers analyze their accounts.

TheAdWordsReportCentercan generate fully customizable reports on specific topics like campaigns, keywords, and ad text which can be viewed as graphs as well as statistical data. The help clients identify important trends over weeks, months, or years with an emphasis on spikes and dips in traffic, CTR, or other key elements of an account.

Each report is fully configurable in terms of columns and performance filters, and they provide just the relevant, timely. In preparing for the exam, an in-depth look at reports is essential.

Updated AdWords Editor lessons: A candidate can learn about the latest changes in Google’s free, easy-to-use account management application. The account management module allows and AdManager to juggle multiple accounts and keep up with advertising for more than one client. The AdWords Editor material includes the following: An Introduction to AdWords Editor, How to Add, Edit, and Delete, Viewing and Sorting Information, and Sharing and Posting Changes.

When studying for the Google Advertising Professional Exam, it’s a good idea to review the above changes. As Google continues to create new features and updates to AdWords, they also add to theLearningCenterto stay current. Checking to see what’s changed before taking the Google Professional Advertising Exam will be useful and just plain prudent.