What Everybody Ought To Know About the Google Advertising Professional Exam

The Google Advertising Professional exam is part of the Google Professional Advertising program and is designed for individuals, managers and companies who administer multiple AdWords client accounts. If you don’t have multiple accounts, plan on getting multiple accounts or even know what AdWords is about, you can stop reading here. If you do or are planning on expanding in this area, read on.


This program is designed especially to help you get the highest benefit in this expanding advertising business area. For the online Ad Manager placing Google ads is part of and at times the replacement for newspaper classifieds and it is now routinely budgeted into the monthly advertising plan. Attaining a high level of proficiency in the marketplace is essential in building and maintaining customer loyalty, selling advertising services and generating high returns on client investment.


Google has been and continues to be at the forefront of customer service management addressing the needs of the public by adding programs and departments tailored to market interests. To that end, they launched the Google Advertising Professionals program in November, 2004, when it became apparent that consultants needed help in coordinating and utilizing the new technology of online advertising. Google started this program aiming it at addressing the growing requirement for consultants to facilitate the increasing number of new Google AdWords clients with their AdWords campaigns.



The program is designed for professional advertising brokers who manage multiple AdWords accounts for their clients and companies. It is also available for the smaller independents and as a result ranges from self-employed individuals specializing in SEO marketing to full service advertising agencies that cover all forms of media. AdWords knowledge is essential to staying ahead of the game, delivering cutting-edge services, new promotions and the top discounts available. This course is another logical step to increase knowledge while adding credibility and professionalism to companies and individuals in the advertising arena. Upon completion, the company or individual is certified to be proficient at a high level of AdWords competency.


In order to obtain Google Certification, prospective candidates must successfully enroll in the Google Advertising Professionals program, accept and sign the Rules of Use and prepare, take and pass the test. In addition to passing the exam, candidates and companies must also build and maintain US$1,000 in generated advertising revenue during a 90-day period.


The prospect must be in good standing with Google. Google AdWords is an extremely effective way of attracting highly targeted traffic to any website, and having a complete, proven knowledge of the AdWords system by passing the Google Advertising Professional exam guarantees that companies and individuals representing clientèle will be at a level to deliver the best the Google advertising has to offer.