Google Professional Advertising Exam Focus on Link Policy

One of the areas that the Google Professional Advertising exam focuses on are the policies and guidelines that AdWords stipulates when placing advertising into their network. Link policies are basic to getting clients advertising into the network quickly and effectively.

AdWords uses two URL when placing ads, the one that is seen and the actual web address that is accessed. It is important to be clear on what a URL is, the two URLs used and how to avoid making mistakes when ad building.

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator, and is commonly called a web address. The two URLs used with each AdWords ad: display URL and destination URL.

The Display URL is part of AdWords ad must include a display URL as the fourth line in the ad.  A display URL would be visible to the reader in the Google search engine and on publisher websites. This can be anything as long as it’s the same domain name as the destination URL.

Destination URL: The destination URL is the web address of the landing page to which an ad will actually link. Here is the example provided in theLearningCenter.


Display URL:

Destination URL:


Display URL:

Destination URL:

There are three rules that must be complied with prior to ad approval:

1. The link used must be to a working, live website. This is to insure customer satisfaction when clicking on links.

2. The link has to not link to a site that is under construction, broken or lacking in content. The person landing on the site must find a viable, active site.

3. The landing must not require a program other than the browser to view the landing page. In other words, the destination URL must be an HTML page.

The Back Button: The link to the website must have a back button that works properly and return the users to the page where the AdWords ad is located within one or two clicks.

Affiliate Programs are allowed although Google will only allow one ad for affiliates and parent companies sharing the same display URL per search query.

When a user enters or leaves your site, no additional browser window, including pop-unders, is allowed. Research indicates that the user finds pop-ups, pop-unders distracting from the AdWords advertising appearing on that page. You can have a pop-under on the pages where the AdWords URL points to, but not where the advertising resides.

As you can see, the Google Professional Advertising Program is quite extensive. This is only one topic covered in the program.

Google Professional Advertising Exam Specifics

The exam is administered online and is intended to assess whether the prospective candidate has an advanced understanding of AdWords. Passing the exam fulfills one of the requirements to become a Qualified Google Advertising Professional.

The exam covers a full spectrum of AdWords concepts – going from elementary to advanced. Questions are presented in real-time so the individual taking the exam should have a firm grasp of the AdWords product before testing, find a quiet place where they won’t be interrupted, and turn off the cell phone.

The Google Advertising Professional Exam is currently available in English (US,UKand Australian), French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, and Brazilian Portuguese. Hebrew is, however, not currently available on the exam.  Therefore, Hebrew speakers will need to take the exam in an alternate language.

Registering for the Google Advertising Professional Exam is quick and easy. Make sure that you have signed up for the Google Advertising Professional Program prior to signing up for the exam as you will need your ID to take the test. Sign up through the third-party site that Google is using to administer the exam. Currently it’s a firm named Prometric, one of the leading online testing agencies.

The current online exam is made of 100+ questions on all of the various aspects of the AdWords program. It has a time limit of 1 hour and 30 minutes. Once the test is started, it can’t be paused so prepare in advance for all contingencies.

75% out of 100% is the current requirement to pass the exam. Upon completion of the exam, the score will be sent to the email used upon registration for immediate review. The score will also be available on theProCenterpage of the My Client Center as well as through the testing site. Detailed exam results are not disclosed, just the exam score.

The exam costs US$50. While you can pay in other currencies, and if you’re paying in currency other than U.S. dollars, your credit card company will automatically convert this charge into the equivalent in local currency. The US$50 is a non-refundable expense, so be ready to take the exam when registering. . If an exam retake is necessary, the cost will be incurred each time. The exam can be taken twice every month.

The minimum, computer technical requirements are as follows:  For Microsoft 98/NT/2000/XP users: IE 5.01, Netscape 7.0, or Mozilla 1.3.1 web browsers or higher. For MAC OS 8.0 or higher users: IE 5.0 or Netscape 4.78 web browsers or higher. For LINUX users: Mozilla 1.3.1 web browser or higher. JavaScript and session cookies should be enabled on your browser and you should have a screen display setting of 640 x 480 and 256 colors or higher. 32MB of RAM and 200MB of free disk space and a 56K Internet connection is also required.

Preparing for the Google Advertising Professionals Exam

The best way to prepare for the exam is through theGoogleLearningCenter. There are free, comprehensive training lessons presented in both visual and textual format which cover the entire AdWords program. Each training module includes a number of subsections covering AdWords topics. Each topic and subtopic contain important information for becoming an AdWords specialist. There are tutorials and after completion of the material, the individual can test his or her retention by completing quizzes. TheLearningCentermaterials are updated on a continuous basis as the program evolves keeping AdWords professionals current with the latest in Google innovations.

The prospective Google Professional candidate will want to work on the training materials in sequential order. However, some AdWords business people already know different things about the program and can skip some of the introductory material, focusing on the topics they are either unfamiliar with or want to learn more about.

Each lesson is self-paced to meet personal skill levels and learning methods. Topics can be tailored to the individual’s learning style. When the candidate thinks they’ve mastered the concepts presented, they are then ready to take the exam.

Passing the Google exam is one of the most important requirements necessary to become a Google certified professional and to receive the Qualified Google Advertising Professional Logo. Selling AdWords in a business with multiple clients means that the individual or company should present the best possible scenario for the client. Having the latest knowledge is key to being successful in this situation.

It is a fact that having credibility in the advertising world is crucial to building and maintaining a viable client base. With the Google Professional Advertising Program and certification, it is a clear way to build both knowledge and credibility in a systematic and hassle-free way. The Google Professional Advertising exam tests what is studied via theLearningCentervideos and text and a passing grade indicates a high level of proficiency with the AdWords program.

Preparation is the key, and working in theLearningCenterwill make taking the test much easier. Prepare fully prior to trying the test for two reasons: you have to pay each time you take the test and that can get costly, and you want to know as much as possible when you sit down due to confidence levels and its effect on an individual passing or failing through nervous guessing. Not giving enough time for preparation can lead to failure, test retaking and feelings of fear. All of this can be avoided by watching the videos fully, watching the videos again and rereading the material for parts that need clarification and preparing until the information is second nature.

Each video has a time in minutes listed next to it. This will help when organizing and planning out time allotments in order to get the most from the material. It does not matter how long it takes to prepare for the exam. What matters is that the person taking it feels confident, ready and knowledge-rich when it’s time to start. TheLearningCentercan accomplish all of this and more.