How To Pass The Google Advertising Professional Exam

The Google Advertising Professional Exam is not easy, but it is possible to pass if you use some easy to follow tips. Becoming a Google Advertising Professional is worth the effort, and the $50 dollars will be well spent as it translates into a larger client base. If nothing else, passing the test will tell you if you have a full understanding of the AdWords process and if your own campaigns of getting the maximum return-on-investment.

Here are some easy to follow tips to ensure that your $50 is well spent.

First, run an AdWords campaign. We learn by doing and with AdWords that’s no exception. If you want to learn how to run successful campaigns, run one for yourself and track your results. Familiarize yourself with the interface and mechanics of setting up and using the interface. Experiment and learn about every tool, go to every screen and click on every link. Even if it doesn’t interest you or you don’t think you’ll need, explore it anyway. Pay attention to names of screens, menus and tools and take notes about what each screen is for, how it works, the menu controls on it. Visit these links more than once.

Go to the Learning Center at Google has set up a center where, if you watch the videos and read the material, you’ll learn a ton. After each lesson, practice what you’ve learned in your AdWords account on your test campaign.

You’re going to want to watch the videos at least a couple times without skipping any. Go through them in sequential order first. Even if you know what the video is about, watch it anyway. You know how teachers always throw in stuff as they teach. It’s those little extras that you are looking for so make sure you go thru all of the multimedia videos.

- Print out and read the text lessons after you watch the video. Keep your print outs handy as you play around in your AdWords account. When you are done with that lesson, put the printouts in a 3 ring binder to keep them organized and for easy retrieval. Reread them at least one more time. Get highlighter to emphasize important information. Get section dividers so that you find the information quickly.

- Take the quizzes. Even if you hate tests and quizzes, take them anyway. The Learning Center has quizzes that are designed to test your learning after you each category. Keep in mind you need 75% to pass. If you don’t pass the quiz, go over the material again. There is no one looking over your shoulder or grading you at this point. You can study the material until you feel comfortable.

- Take breaks about every 20 minutes. Most people’s attention spans and focus fade around the 20 minute mark. Take a five-minute break and return to the material refreshed.

- Once you decide to take the test, remember a few things. Ask yourself if you have a decent grasp on the material. Find a quiet place. Make sure your computer and Internet connection is working at optimum levels. You’d hate to fail the test because you lost your connection. It is advisable to use broadband or cable for the test and not dial-up.

- The exam is a multiple choice test. Use this to your advantage. Rule out incorrect answers first and pick from what’s left.  For non-multiple choice questions, use common sense if you don’t have the answer. Preferably have the answer.

- Use your resources. Keep that 3 ring binder you made handy so that you can do a quick lookup if you get stuck. Make sure you have access to your AdWords account ready in case you need to access it.

- Use the “Review Later” checkboxes if aren’t sure. Each question has a check box in the upper right hand corner that will allow you to return to the question later. Any question you are not 100% sure about, check the box and move on. After you have answered everything else, then go back and review the questions you couldn’t answer on the first go round.

That about covers it. Passing the exam is possible on the first try if you shore yourself up with good old fashioned information and experience. Using these tips and a with little common sense, you should have no problem passing. Best of luck!

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